About Space Impact PC

It all started with a kid using his dad's Nokia. Years later, the idea of recreating the game for everyone to play on their computer emerged. Thanks to IT Network (which was called Islandsoft back then), the idea slowly started becoming real.

Altough some progress was made, SIPC was still far away from the original version present on Nokia 3310. Due to the fact that almost entire development was done by a kid little_wolf, the project was never really taken where it should have been and after a break, it was permanently discontinued in 2014. Karram Missawy, the author of never used animated sprites, levels etc. was planning to continue the development, but no other version was released since then. Until now.


Development: Shift Silver, Karam Missawy
Support: sdraco, sczdavos, Abhijit Choudhury